About us

We are a team of legal professionals at Asgari & Associates, one of the leading law firms in Iran.

Our focus is to provide comprehensive legal counsel services to both new and established corporations, as well as investors, professionals, and businesses of all sizes seeking excellent client service in Iran.


Our experienced lawyers specialize in contracts, litigation, and arbitration, helping our clients with commercial transactions, and complex dispute resolution issues. We also work collaboratively with other business advisors, allowing us to understand and solve your accounting and tax-related issues.


Our goal is to assist you in all aspects of your business, from day-to-day operations to long-term planning. We take a practical approach to meet the legal needs of your business.


As a full-service business law firm in Iran, we prioritize providing efficient service to our clients. Our attorneys gather facts and law cost-effectively to avoid, settle, or win disputes and achieve our client’s objectives.


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