Franchise Law & Disputes

Franchise Law & Disputes

Anahita Asgari our managing partner has been working as a franchise attorney in  the franchise and distribution niche for ten years . During that time she has received accolades for her talented , skillful , insightful and competing efforts on behalf of her winning clients .

With our franchise law group , you will find partners and advocates assisting you in building your business and addressing your needs now and down the road 

We build relationship for life and are fortunate to have some of the foremost and nationally recognized legal minds in franchise law . We are handling all aspects of franchise litigations throughout the country . We also specialize in franchise agreement assistance ,bringing you the latest developments in franchise and distribution law .

At the Asgari & Associates Law Firm in Iran we have extensive experience in an extremely broad range of franchise litigation matters . Our clients have included franchisors and franchisees .

The type of cases we handle include :

Franchisor-initiated litigation 

Franchisors regularly sue their franchisees . Defending against a lawsuit can drain your businesses resources , and can extremely difficult to operate under the franchisor’s system going forward .

At the Asgari & Associates Law Firm , we know how to effectively represent franchisees in franchisor-initiated litigation, and we can help you stand up to your franchisor and their big-firm lawyers  . 

Franchisee lawsuits against franchisors 

If you believe that your franchisor may have violated Iranian law , or is in breach of your franchise agreement Asgari & Associates Law Firm can take swift actions to swift your rights .

We can also assist you to solve your dispute through the mediation or arbitration system and avoid the litigation costs . 


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