Business Law Services

Easy access to clear and affordable business legal advice .

Asgari Law Firm in iran has an active business service practice . Our attorneys have vast experience counselling clients through all phases of business and corporate ownership and management . We represent clients in business incorporations , corporate governance and  restructuring , financing , banking , employment matters , franchising , debt collections , contract reviews and disputes . We also provide commercial and private real estate services .We also prepare applications for necessary licenses for operating a business in Iran including import-export license .In addition to traditional business law , our lawyers also specialize in corporate law , commercial law and e-commerce . 

Our legal services include advising private joint stock companies , limited liability companies  and non-profit associations .

Asgari & Associates serves as your general corporate counsel regardless of the type or size of your business . We are experienced in the drafting , review, and the negotiation of the various types of contracts and the diverse business relationship encountered in your everyday operations . We stay on top of the legal issues facing businesses so that we can help you innovate and refine your business to better adapt to the fluctuations in this sophisticated and everchanging commercial environment . Iranian lawyers at Asgari & Associates can help you to stay up to date on current trends in various areas of business law in Iran .  

Our lawyers do not just fix problems in isolation. We’ll build a long term collaborative relationship with your business so get the insight and support you need , when you need . With our proactive support , your legal strategy will always be informed by your precise commercial and market situation . 

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