Our mining group is recognized as a leading legal practice in the sector , providing tailor advice to prominent players throughout the mining industry . We have lawyers who offer a wealth of experience in mining transactions and mining disputes in Iran .

Our mining clients rely on our reputation as Iran’s leading law firm and our track record as a leader in the provision of legal services to the mining industry .

We are one of the leading mining law firms in Iran. We work with clients of all sizes and at every stage of a Mine life. Our attorneys provide comprehensive services for financing and developing projects involving the exploration, extraction, processing, transportation, and sale of precious metals, coal, and other minerals. Our sector-focused advice covers all areas of corporate and financial law, commercial law, and the various forms of dispute resolution.

Some of our legal services in the mining sector are : 

Legal and Tax due diligence and legal opinion

Acquisition and validity maintenance of the mining rights and titles, Mining joint ventures 

Disputes with the administration and claims


Legal assistance for the construction of mining infrastructures

In our M&A services, we ensure the monitoring of the execution, by mining assets titleholders, of legal and conventional obligations for the validity maintenance of the mining rights and titles, administrative, environmental, social, tax, customs, and exchange obligations related to the mining rights and titles.

Some of our experiences in the Mining sector includes : 

  •  advising on the acquisition shares of an Iranian gold mine by a Georgia company, 
  • advising on the project financing and drafting an agreement for  the exploration and extraction stage of copper mines by a Chinese company, 
  • advising a Kazakhstan company in a project to a coal mine in Kerman, 
  • Joint venture agreement between Iranian and Chinese companies, 

We represent a who’s who of mining and natural resources clients. We have also become the go-to firm for juniors looking to grow into larger entities.


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