International Trade

International Trade Earth

Asgari & Associates Law Firm in Iran maintains a specialized practice in international practice and business . Our attorneys represent domestics and international business and government interests  in a wide variety of international matters. International trade needs the knowledge of shipment and maritime laws which can lead to a successful trade.

Our practice includes traditional international business matters , such as export-import transactions , customs , contracts for international sales of goods and services , sales agencies , distribution and franchise agreements . Our attorneys also regularly litigate and serve as mediator and arbitrators in international trade and business disputes .

Our International Trade group provides top quality trade law advice and strategies focusing on helping our corporately and governmental clients achieve their international business objectives .Our International Trade team can assist with all business issues related to cross-border trade . Our International Trade expertise includes the following :

  • Trade contracts including protections regarding tariff changes and restrictions on export-import
  • Implications of International Trade bans and sanctions
  • Cross-border financial services
  • The effects of tariff changes and compliance with tax obligations
  • Cross-border business structuring for additional regulation / border check and etc at ports
  • Trade finance under Iranian Law
  • International dispute resolution including international arbitration and choice of jurisdiction /courts
  • Trade disputes including sector based disputes concerning tariffs breaches .
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