Manufacturing & Industrial


Manufacturing and industrial companies across many sectors constantly face challenges in pursuit of their growth targets and business goals  . From design development to brand protection , innovation to communication , managing supply chains to expanding production and from local market distribution to worldwide expansion , these are just some of the challenges that require careful navigation .


You need support from lawyers who thoroughly understand your industry , and from a firm that has the agility and resources to help you respond to competitive pressures in a global marketplace . We employ a cross-disciplinary team approach when providing legal council or litigation services to our manufacturing clients  . Working together , we can ensure that you are globally competitive today and positioned to succeed tomorrow . 


We help our clients on important issues affecting the industry ,such as :


        Asset & Export Finance

        Brand Protection , Patents , Licensing & IP


        Data Protection


        Litigation & Arbitration

        Product Compliance & Safety

        Real Estate & Real Estate Finance


        Risk , Governance & Compliance ,including Anti-Bribery and Corruption

        Tax , including Import & Export ,Transfer Pricing & Sanctions

        Commercial & Procurement Contracts & Outsourcing

        HR, Employment , Employee Benefits & Pensions

        International Corporate Restructuring



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