We are a leading business and commercial Iranian law firm.

Specifically, we write, review, revise and negotiate various business contracts and business transactions.

Our business lawyers provide experienced advice in all phases of business, from start-up to day-to-day operations, to liquidate your business. Our lawyers advise clients on many general business and commercial issues, including but not limited to contracting for individuals and companies, from simple to multi-million dollar agreements, fundraising, employment, litigation, and tax planning. We can also assist in commercial agreements, transactions, and commercial real estate. 

From lawyers to clients to businesspersons, our relationships are built on honesty. We deliver candid advice and set realistic expectations.

The broad experience of lawyers in the Asgari & Associates business law group allows clients to receive all-inclusive legal counsel quickly. Acting alone or as a group, the general business team proves to be a firm force in defending clients’ rights.

If you are a foreign investor, whether your company is building new facilities in Iran, practicing in a joint venture, or perusing some other form of foreign direct investment, you may first have to overcome a number of complicated, country-specific legal hurdles. Asgari & Associates law firm attorneys can assemble multidisciplinary teams to guide your company through the process of investing in Iran. 

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