Joint Venture

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A major corporate transaction , such as  a joint venture , can make or break your business . When millions of dollars are potentially on the line , you need an experienced lawyer on your team to help you negotiate the deal, conduct due diligence , draft contracts and handle any regulatory compliance . Asgari & Associates boutique law firm offers its start-up and corporate clients legal services at the fraction of the cost of a large international law firm .

We in Asgari and Associates Law Firm in Iran help our clients choose the most appropiate legal structure of transaction , establish local entities and special purpose vehicles and support our client in ensuring the financing of the transaction .

We have acted on a significant number of joint ventures for corporates , international investment houses and banks across the globe . Our clients entrusts us with their highest profile work in this area and you Asgari & Associates team will draw on this experience and know-how to deliver comemrcial and cost-effective advice

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