Commercial and Business Agreements

Here at A & A , we want to help save you time and money with reviewing , drafting , and /or negotiating complex legal agreements on your behalf . As a result we ensure you are protected and get peace of mind .


Solving your commercial contract problem

Asgari & Associates has pioneered a new approach to supporting your day-to day commercial contracts including :

  • Sales
  • Procurement
  • Non-disclosure agreements ( NDA )
  • Supply of goods
  • Supply of services
  • Software license agreements
  • Partnership agreements

…..and many more . 


Our Specialized Contract Lawyers 

Obviously , commercial and business legal services are the foremost skills of our contract lawyers . Further  , we also have specialized experienced  lawyers such as : 

  • Breach of contract lawyer
  • Financing and Banking
  • Dispute Resolution , and 
  • Tax Law



Some services costs can be as low as USD 140 per hour for ongoing commercial contract agreements and negotiations.

However , for more specific work such as licensing agreements, and breach of contract , our legal services can be invoiced at USD 500.








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