Contract and Business Agreements

Here at A & A we want to help save you time and money with reviewing , drafting , and /or negotiating complex legal agreements on your behalf –ensuring you are protected and get peace of mind .

Solving your commercial contract problem

Asgari & Associates has pioneered a new approach to supporting your day-to day commercial contracts including :

  • Sales
  • Procurement
  • Non-disclosure agreements ( NDA )
  • Supply of goods
  • Supply of services
  • Software license agreements
  • Partnership agreements

…..and many more , allowing your business to deliver better results and allowing your team to focus on value added ,business advisory work .

Obviously , contract , commercial and business legal services are the foremost skills of lawyers you may need . However , we also have specialized experienced  lawyers you may want to consider before hiring your contract lawyer .

  • Breach of contract lawyer

Lawyers that specialize in breach of contract are life savers . Asgari & Associates lawyers have successfully recovered millions in Iranian courtrooms in cases involving a breach of contract and business or commercial claims . If the fault is on our client’s end they can help mitigate the damages . If the other party is to blame , the attorney can do a number of things , including communication with the other party , providing advice and settling in or out of court . Our breach of contract lawyers represents both businesses and individuals in contract lawsuits and have significant experience handling complex cases including : assets-purchase agreements , construction agreements , commercial leases , employment contracts , business debts , licensing contracts and many other types of agreements .

  • Transactional Vs Contentious

We have two type of commercial lawyers . Transactional lawyers draft and review legal documents for business owners . contentious lawyers resolve disputes with other parties .It is possible to find a lawyer who is experienced in both areas . However , finding separate lawyers for each aspect is a better idea for some businesses .

  • Financing and Banking

Financing and banking lawyers ensure that clients are protected against the risk of financial risks . This includes drafting the legal documents that outlines the lender’s and borrowers obligations . We have considerable experience from contract negotiation in finance and banking , drafting , project implementation and final settlement ,as well as dispute resolution if the contract is not executed as planned .

  • Dispute Resolution

As a business owner, you will know how important it is to make sure you’re your commercial contracts are watertight, so if any dispute arises regarding the service or product you provide you can rely on your contracts and agreements to back you up.  Before breach of contract, there is a way to get out of poor business dealings through dispute resolution. Also during dispute resolution, our lawyers draft documents to guide you through the process.

  • Tax Law

You may not need a tax lawyer, but a commercial lawyer with experience in taxes is a definite advantage. They may give advice on how to limit your tax liability during drafting your contracts.


Some services costs can be as low as USD 100 per hour for ongoing commercial contract agreements and negotiations.

For more specific work such as licensing agreements, Privacy policy agreement and breach of contract legal services can be invoiced at USD 500.