At A & A we want to help save you time and money protecting your invention with a patent.

Our patents services include :

  • Comprehensive patent application preparation , with particular emphasis on bridging the gap between innovation and business objectives . ( Provisional , non- provisional and international patent application )
  • Patent prosecution . including full management of the process
  • Strategic patent portfolio building , including short and long term planning to support the company’s business strategy and objectives
  • Litigation management and pre-litigation dispute resolution


The cost of filing a patent application can vary pending on the type of patent ( provisional and non-provisional ) ,how many designs , where you are at the patent process , domestic and international patent filing , amongst several other factors .

If filing a provisional patent application with A & A patent lawyers, the cost would start around USD 1500(including the filing fee and five (5) hours legal consultation) and around USD 3500 for a non-provisional patent.

Our legal consultation regarding your patent application, patent prosecution, dispute resolution and pre-litigation consultation is around USD 150 to USD 500 depending on the complexity of the matter.