Protecting and enhancing the commercial objectives of your brands and creative rights

At A & A , we want to help you protect your brand with a trademark at one low cost .

Our clients come from a  range of industries including IT , food and beverage, cosmetics , fashion , interior design , art , branding and marketing as well as retail  . Whatever your business , we have the experience and depth of industry knowledge to tailor our advice to meet your needs .

A trademark can include a name, word, logo, sound, colour or any combination of those, so long as they are distinctive. Moreover , a  trademark must be recognised as a sign that differentiate your goods and services from someone else’s.


In short , we provide you with these trademark services:

  • Research
  • Legal counsel
  • Trademark enforcement
  • Accusation of trademark infringement
  • Advising on trademark clauses in commercial agreements
  • Trademark licenses and franchises
  • Assignment of trademark rights
  • Litigation , and 
  • Trademark renewal



Our trademark packages starts from USD 750 and and are based on the followings:

  1. The number of costs , and 
  2. The number of classes

Also our legal counsel starts from USD 200 to USD 500 depending on the complexity of the case.