Protecting and enhancing the commercial objectives of your brand and creative rights


At A & A, we want to help you protect your brand with a trademark at one low cost.

Our clients come from a range of industries including IT, food and beverage, cosmetics, fashion, interior design, art, branding, and marketing as well as retail. Whatever your business, we have the experience and depth of industry knowledge to tailor our advice to meet your needs.

We provide you with these trademark services:

  • Trademark search
  • Trademark filing and registration
  • Legal consultation
  • Trademark enforcement
  • The accusation of trademark infringement
  • Advising on trademark clauses in commercial agreements
  • Trademark licenses and franchises
  • Assignment of trademark rights
  • Litigation, and 
  • Trademark renewal. 


Contact a Knowledgeable Trademark Lawyer to Assist with Your Trademark Queries 


Asgari Law firm provides a variety of trademark services for business owners, startup companies and, entrepreneurs in many different industries located in Iran. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a trademark attorney concerning your trademark queries. 








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