Work permit and residency

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Foreign citizens should have an entry visa first . The visa entitle them for a specific work .once they enter Iran they can then apply for the work permit and residency .

Before the arrival of foreign national in Iran , the respective Iranian employer should apply for the issuance of entry visa with the right of working .

The work permit is issued for one year and can be extended  .

Foreign nationals with work permit whose contracts with employer becomes null and void for any reason , will be subject to renewal of work of work permit after changing the employer .

In addition , foreign investors are able to apply for a five (5) year residency in Iran if they make an investment of more than 250,000 Euros or its equivalent in another currencies .

The investment is not limited to manufacturing activities but it can be made in bank deposits or investing in bonds and real estate sector.


Our entry visa and work permit package is USD 1850 and our residency package is USD 2700.

Our consultation fee varies from USD 195 per hour for simple work permit matters to USD 500 per hour for the complex residency issues.